We have been farming salmon since 1986 and our head office is located at Engenes in Ibestad municipality


A family business

Kleiva Fiskefarm AS is a family business run by the Arvesen family from Engenes. Since 1986, we have specialized in farming salmon as food fish, and our head office is located in Engenes in Ibestad municipality.

Local values

We attach great importance to local values and jobs in our immediate environment. Together with other local players, we have established a fully integrated business that includes the production of smolt, a slaughterhouse, a service boat company and a well boat.

This means that we can take care of the entire value chain internally and ensure efficient and reliable operations. Our involvement in these various sectors helps to strengthen the local economy and create employment for the local community.


We emphasize HSE (Health, Environment and Safety) as a central value in our business, and we take our responsibility for employee health and safety seriously.

Through our comprehensive training programme, Site Training, we have a dedicated focus on skills development.

Our training program has been developed to give our employees the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to carry out their jobs safely and effectively. Through continuous training and updates, we keep our employees informed about the latest HSE procedures and best practices within the aquaculture industry.

We also aim to promote a culture that values safety and sustainability in everything we do. This means that all employees are encouraged to report potential hazards and help improve our HSE procedures continuously. This ensures that all employees have the best conditions to produce salmon in the most sustainable way.

Enviroment and sustainability

We are proud to offer Global GAP certified salmon, which meets international standards for sustainable farming.

Our salmon has also been approved for export to the USA, which testifies to our focus on high quality and food safety.

Use the link below to read more about our commitment to sustainability, human rights, environmental goals and voluntary certifications.

The UN's sustainability goals are central to our objectives .

Visit our learning centre

Visit our learning centre, Arctic Aqua, which is located at Andørjaveien 1810, 9455 Engenes in Ibestad municipality. Here you get an interactive experience and insight into the Norwegian salmon industry. We look forward to sharing our passion with you!


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